Flood Warning Along Lake Shore Drive

Flood Warning Along Lake Shore Drive

As wind, snow, and waves in Chicago intensify, you might want to take extra caution along Lake Shore drive today, especially if you are a biker. The National Weather Service has sent out a Lake Shore Flood Advisory for Cook County, as well as some other counties in Indiana.

According to Gino Izzi, the Senior Forecaster of the National Weather Service, the flood advisory indicates that there will be “nuisance water overflow problems.” Izzi went on to explain that the flooding will occur in areas more susceptible to “over-wash,” such as by Oak Street Beach.

But drivers be reassured, the flooding will not hit the roads along Chicago’s windy coast, though the strong winds reach up to 22 mph. “The flooding is basically just on the bike path, it’s not impacting roadways or anything significant,” said Izzi.

The flood advisory will continue on to 3 a.m. on Saturday as the icy “waves will gradually come down.” According to Izzi, the “problem should gradually lessen as we get later into tonight and tomorrow morning.”

The last major flooding to hit Lake Shore Drive occurred in 2015 and 2014, with underpasses that were blocked off due to flooding.

According to weather forecasts, the winds will die down by Saturday, along with the chance of flooding. However, the cold will persist as the temperature hovers around 20 degrees, with the wind chill reaching as low as 0 degrees.