CMX Cinemas: luxurious escape from the routine

CMX Cinemas, the eighth largest movie theater chain in the United States, ushers in a new luxury theater-going experience to the Chicago area with the launch of two new high-end cinema experiences – CMX Cinebistro and CMX Market in Westfield Old Orchard. With two new theaters, each offering a different VIP movie-viewing experience, CMX Cinemas invites guests to enjoy the best films of the summer immersed in luxurious amenities and cutting-edge technology.


“Our concept is extremely unique because of the quality of the dining experience,” says Fred Meyers, VP of CMX Cinemas. “The food is superb, it’s made on premises every day by our executive chef and his culinary team. It’s truly a white-table quality dining experience, and it’s served by very knowledgeable, very friendly and engaging service staff that really provides pampering service. When you couple it with a pristine ultra luxurious environment to watch a movie, you’ve really got a night out unlike anything else.”


With several movie theaters available in the area, CMX team is not necessarily worried about the competition.


“We’re catered to a more refined, adult audience that’s looking for a more refined movie-going experience, which also includes a terrific dining experience free from children and patrons under the age of 21.”


For those who do want to have a family night out, CMX Market is located…

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