ChiTalk – Chicago as a Sanctuary City

This week on our online-street interview series “ChiTalk” we discussed the idea of Chicago remaining a “sanctuary city,” what it means to the people who live here and why or why don’t they support it. The topic of Chicago being a sanctuary city is a pretty controversial one these days. Being a sanctuary city has allowed many immigrants who live here to feel safe and not threatened by deportation and federal agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Trump is a huge ICE supporter and believes that all sanctuary cities should stop and federal funding should be withdrawn from each one.


Rahm Emanuel has doubled down on keeping Chicago a sanctuary city and has sued the Department of Justice over the threat of pulling funding, claiming it’s illegal to withhold public-safety grant money from cities like Chicago and sanctuary states like California. Chicago is counting on $3.2 million from the program, money mostly used to buy police vehicles, according to the city. Being a sanctuary state doesn’t allow criminals to live among us like some people might suggest. It only restricts ICE and federal agencies from knocking on someone’s door and questioning their immigration status. Persons of interest and those that have criminal backgrounds aren’t “safe” under sanctuary laws.