2019 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription review

Volvo used to evoke images of a stodgy, somewhat reserved driver – not concerned with a form of luxury, but happy to drive a boxy, safe car that would go forever. Oh, how times have changed! Over the last decade, Volvo has completely reinvented themselves by keeping the safety and adding some industry-leading luxury and a heaping helping of refined design. The result is that it’s no longer your (grand) father’s Volvo, it’s now ranked among the best of the best in terms of luxury, technology, design, and safety.


Reliability has always been a hallmark of the Volvo brand, often touting 300 or 500-thousand mile examples in advertisements and even a handful of million miles. But our test XC90 with about 8k miles on it had a bit of a snafu as the charging system quit working. Volvo quickly corrected the problem, but it’s a bit foreboding in a vehicle with this much technology crammed into it. The technology makes everything about the Volvo easy to use, and contributes to its unparalleled safety – but we hope it doesn’t mean more trips to the shop.

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