2019 TOYOTA AVALON: the big Toyota sedan reborn

Chicago News Review the 2019 Toyota Avalon Limited. Here’s the short overview: ——- We recently got the chance to review Toyota’s all-new Camry, and we finally had a positive impression after driving the model. Toyota’s Avalon has always been the Camry’s bigger, more luxurious cousin, and with this new model, they are more like brothers. Both built off the same global chassis platform, and sharing the same 3.5-Liter V6 power plant, there are lots of similarities. But the Avalon gives you more space and more luxury, so driving it is a different experience altogether. Let’s see if we like it as much as we liked the Camry. First off, the design is what you’d expect from Toyota. The ever-expanding front grill continues to overtake the entire fascia, being the dominant feature of, well, the entire car. Big nose aside, the Avalon is a nice-looking sedan, especially in profile. The roofline is a little more pleasing than even the Camry, which we actually liked. There are a few odd touches, like the taillights sticking out 3” from the rear, a design feature for which we can find no discernable advantage. Isn’t form supposed to follow function? Read the full review at: http://www.mychinews.com/cars/2019-toyota-avalon-review

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