2019 McLaren 570S Spider: the side of the brain you favor

2019 #McLaren #570S review by Chicago News: Car enthusiasts of certain ages all grew up with posters of supercars on their walls. It might have been a Lamborghini Countach or Ferrari Testarossa, but there was likely an image emblazoned on the wall. While these companies have been producing supercars since their inception, the racing team McLaren – responsible for 12 F1 driving championships – spun off the McLaren Automotive division in the early 80’s. First producing what amounted to a road-going version of their LeMans GT racer, the company only recently got into the realm of supercars. Starting with the release of the MP4-12C in 2011, McLaren has since refined their offerings to go toe-to-toe with the giants in the class. Now with 570, 650 and 720hp variants of their carbon-fiber chassis cars available, McLaren has not only earned a place among the elite, they may have just surpassed them. Looks Hopping into our bright orange 570S Spider test car, it’s immediately apparent that this is essentially a purpose-built racing car for the street. The wide door sills are a function of the carbon fiber chassis, and the exposed carbon on the dash and center console are not decorative – this car is _made_ of it. Despite the perception of a sports car to be small, even taller drivers can fit in a McLaren. Even wearing a helmet, you would still have some space between your head and the roof. Read more at mychinews.com/cars

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