2018 Volkswagen Golf S: A Budget Hatchback that’s Fun to Drive Too

Sometimes when you choose the cheaper option, you lose out on having any real fun. Sure, you can get a Golf GTI or Golf R for ultimate performance – but those choices can get a little pricey, especially when you add some options. The answer? This 1.8-Liter turbocharged Golf S. Starting at less than $20k, you can get a lot of performance for your money. With 170hp and tons of turbo torque on tap, it scoots around town well. Save for some boring all-season tires, it handles great as well.
Not many base Golf buyers are interested in ultimate performance – it’s value they are after. As enthusiasts, though, it’s nice to know that VW still cares about the experience of the driver. There’s no reason for a car to be boring just because it’s inexpensive. Coupled with the 6-speed manual transmission that our test car was equipped with, the Golf is a bit of a throwback to the old days of the basic hot-hatch. Until you put it on the scales. Tipping the needle at almost 3,000lb, this latest Golf weighs over 1,000lb more than the first GTI. Luckily, it has enough power to pull through the weight, and return a respectable 25MPG City and 36MPG Highway…

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