2018 Toyota Camry: The Best Selling Car in the USA Reborn

I will fully admit I’ve never been a fan of the Toyota Camry. It always lacked a few key things for me, not the least of which was any sort of emotional content. The word appliance comes to mind, just there to service a need like your washer/dryer. When you consider that most people buy a car to simply get from one place to another, maybe it’s no wonder that Camry has been the best-selling car in the USA for the last 15 years straight. Even so, I’ve never really warmed to the idea of soul-less transportation like this, when other more engaging cars can be had for the same price, with the same reliability, warranty and fuel mileage. More than anything, familiarity is what brings people back to Camry. The ‘last one worked just fine’ mentality combined with a lack of desire to shop around make it an easy choice.