2018 Toyota Avalon: Swan Song for the Fourth Generation

Toyota created the Lexus brand name back in 1989, to create a new luxury image. Since then, top-of-the-line Toyota models have been getting much closer to their Lexus counterparts in terms of finishes and features. It’s no secret that they already share platforms and powertrains, but as Toyota gets better the gap gets smaller. Back in 1994, Toyota released the Avalon – the first large sedan to fill the gap between the Camry and some of the larger Lexus offerings. Now in its fourth generation, the big sedan is showing its age. No surprise then that Toyota is releasing the fifth generation for 2019, making this the last time we’ll see the current generation.

If the newest Camry is any indication, there’s probably lots to look forward to in the fifth-generation Avalon, but for now let’s focus on the current one. Our test vehicle came pretty loaded, and pushes over $40k, but you’re getting a lot for your money. And when we say a lot, it’s a big car. You definitely get amazing legroom, shoulder room and rear-seat legroom. The trunk is cavernous, and it’s a real reminder of why big sedans are popular – they are much more comfortable and practical.

In terms of feel, this generation Avalon doesn’t feel that much different than the last one. That version was phased out in 2012, but dated all the way back to 2004, leaving this one with a pretty dated feel for a car that claims to only be on its sixth year.

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