2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Mazda’s wonderful sports car in the city

We’ve reviewed the fantastic Mazda ‘ND’ generation Miata several times now, and there’s absolutely no question it is a perfect weekend car to go explore twisty backroads or enter your local autocross race. But what about using one every day? In the city? I bet you hadn’t thought about that, but it turns out this is an amazing city car, provided you don’t have to take a bunch of people with you. In fact, 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata it can serve as an excuse to not take as many people with you. Just pick a favorite, and you can take them anywhere you want in town – parking will be easy, and you can see the sights with the top down.

Chicago is a beautiful city, especially in the summer – and we wanted to take the Miata right into the heart of it to see how it would be in a more urban setting. As it turns out, the agility, size, and performance are a perfect fit. The small frame means you can fit in smaller than average parking spots. The torquey engine and lively gearbox means you can squirt through traffic from light to light and match just about anything. Getting ahead of cabbies that aren’t paying attention or trying to cut you off? No problem. The turning radius is small so it can do U-turns with ease. There’s even a decent amount of…

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