2018 Lexus LC 500: One of the Best Sports Coupes Ever

Every so often, a car comes along that exceeds your expectations. Lexus has always made luxurious cars, but they still had Toyota bones and, therefore, sometimes lacked personality. But stunning the car world by producing an all-carbon-fiber supercar a few years ago, the V-10 powered LFA, Lexus showed they were serious about performance as well. Given the rise of the ‘F-Sport’ line of versions of different Lexus vehicles, quite a few of which we’ve reviewed here, we thought we were prepared for what to expect when the LC 500 showed up. We were wrong.
First of all, it pays to give a reminder that the little brother of this new super-coupe is the Lexus RC F, which costs over $80k, and as much as $90k with options. The LC 500 has a starting price of $93k, so I assumed that we’d be looking at a similar trim level, fit and finish and driving characteristics. Well, slipping inside the sleek new body shell for the first time, you’re immediately blown away by the level of detail on the interior. The leather on the door panels and dashboard are finished more like a Ferrari than a Lexus, and there are rich materials throughout. It is head-and-shoulders nicer than an RC F, and for not much more money…

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