2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty: The Most Powerful Truck You Can Get

When people buy a Super Duty, they aren’t interested in the fuel mileage, how many speakers the stereo has or what safety features it has. The first question always is ‘how much can it haul?’ This is directly related to ‘how much torque does it have?’ The 2018 Super Duty is particularly impressive in this area, with 935 ft-lbs of torque on tap. People normally talk about horsepower, but torque is what really pulls the weight, and this Super Duty can pull as much as a staggering 34,000lbs when configured the right way. That’s a whopping figure for a non-commercial vehicle, and it means that you can pull just about any trailer you want.


But what about all those other features? Our test vehicle was the Platinum edition and it has them all. That includes heated/cooled massage seats to lane assist and emergency braking to 360-view camera to Apple car-play and Android Auto with a Sony 10-speaker audio system. There’s nothing you don’t get in this truck that you’d get in most luxury cars, and it’s about one of the most comfortable cabins you can sit in despite all the muscle. The harsh ride when it’s empty is one of the few clues that this truck can carry so much. Because the body is made from aluminum, there is less truck weight to carry, so the capabilities go up.


Another amazing interior feature is the panoramic moonroof – which is basically the entire roof of the truck. There’s something satisfying about sitting that high off the ground with that much power under you right foot, but the sun streaming in from above. It helps add to the feeling you get driving this – and that feeling is that you’ve arrived. You’re not an apprentice starting your first day on the jobsite, you’re the supervisor now. And you better be, since our truck optioned out to essentially $80k. That’s a lot of money for a fancy work truck, but it manages to feel worth it, given how nice it is on the inside, and how incredible the engine is.


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