2018 Ford Ecosport: An Even Smaller Small Truck

Ford stunned the automotive world earlier this year by announcing they were no longer going to sell cars in the USA, only trucks, SUV’s, crossovers and the odd Mustang or two. Now along comes the EcoSport to show us what a car-free Ford will look like, and there’s nothing about the EcoSport that’s conventional, from its 1.0-Liter base engine to its clamshell rear hatch. We’ve talked before about the popularity of crossovers and SUV’s being more a factor of the car manufacturer’s marketing and product offering than people’s real wants, and this EcoSport is the perfect example. People have convinced themselves that sitting up higher makes them safer, but as a highly trained driver I’m going to take a moment to rain on that parade. It actually makes you less safe in most cases. Read more: http://www.mychinews.com/cars/2018-ford-ecosport-review

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