2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500: doesn’t measure up to the competition

Americans buy a boat-load of trucks. Over 2.7 million trucks were sold in 2017, with Chevy Silverado accounting for 500k of them. When you compare to the F-Series at almost 900k, you can see that Ford has a bit of an edge, and when you drive the Chevy you can see why. Everything about the 2018 Silverado feels a bit dated, from the design to the tech (or lack of it). From front to back, it feels like the end of an era, and it actually is. Chevy is coming out with an all-new truck for 2019, so let’s take one last look at the outgoing model.


The current model was introduced in 2014, not that old by most model-cycle standards, but it never really felt that fresh, and more of a facelift of the previous model that was around since 2007. And when we say facelift, we mean more like face-over, because it feels like lots of the body design elements are tacked on. The headlights have stuck-on covers that you can spot as stuck-on from yards away. The truck rides on 21” wheels, which seems like more for bling than for performance. Overall, there’s a lot more flash than substance here, and that theme follows on the inside.

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