2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8: Not Just the Best Aston, But Maybe the Best GT

Aston Martin has long been the definition of ‘cool’ from its jaw-dropping design to its inclusion in the James Bond franchise, it’s always invoked images of tuxedos, casinos and mountain roads. A long, rich and somewhat tumultuous history belies the current direction of the company, with all of the ups and downs seemingly smoothed out by the strength of its current offerings. Last year we got to test the delicious V12 Vanquish, which at the time we lamented to be one of the last of its kind. Fearing the ‘sanitization’ of the brand by Mercedes/AMG’s new ownership stake of 5%, and the technical sharing that it would bring, we were glad to be one of the first outlets to get some time with the first Aston Martin to come with an AMG supplied engine. So, does the German DNA ruin the magic of previous models? Let’s find out.

Design has long been one of the most celebrated aspects of any Aston Martin. There is just no denying how beautiful they are. The iconic-grill shape, muscular lines and lavish interiors have been the defining characteristics of the brand. That and the lurid, sonorous V8 and V12 engines that have been fitted under the bonnet year after year, and the always normally aspirated, always possessing the performance and auditory muscle to back up the looks. This is what we feared most would be missing with the switch to turbocharged powerplants. First, the all-new Aston V12 and then this AMG-derived V8. We have not yet gotten the chance to try the new twelve cylinder, but we have heard lots of audio clips – and despite the muffling of the sound inherent in a turbocharger design, it appears to have that magic soundtrack still…


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