2017 MAMA Rally: 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody

We recently tested the gleefully and savagely-powerful Hellcat, but wished for some better cornering grip to go along with all that power. It’s almost like Dodge was listening, because they now offer a wide-body version with fender flares first seen on the Dodge Demon. The fender flares allow 305mm-width tires front and back, and there are two benefits. First off, it looks fantastic. I’ve always felt the Challenger looks a bit too tall for its proportions, but these flares add just the right amount of width. The second benefit, obviously, is grip. There’s more lateral grip, but even more importantly there’s a ton of corner-exit bite so you can now power out of corners without a big powerslide! They managed to make a Hellcat even more fun, which is no easy task! Read more at www.mychinews.com/cars/2017-mama-rally