2017 MAMA Rally: 2018 BMW 530e xDrive

In the world of big German luxury sedans, the bigger the engine, the better has been the conventional logic. But now, with the addition of this plug-in hybrid, you can have all the instant torque of the electric motor combined with the efficiency of a 2.0-Liter turbocharged 4-cylinder resulting in a luxurious and quick performer. With 67 e-MPG, this plug-in makes the most of your power grid. It also makes the most of the 111hp electric motor, using that to get the car off the line in an incredible smooth, quiet and powerful manner. In fact, it makes the car feel a bit like a Rolls Royce given how smooth it is, and takes away one of the main gripes we have about the 4-cylinder’s buzzy nature. Coupled with a sumptuous and ergonomically-ideal interior and a price tag of only $68k with lots of features, this may be our favorite large German sedan! Read more at www.mychinews.com/cars/2017-mama-rally