2017 Kia Niro: A Better Crossover For Less


Small SUV/Crossover vehicles are clearly the hottest segment on the market these days. Also on the list of hottest vehicles are hybrid gas/electric vehicles, and Kia has combined the two to make one of the most appealing small crossovers on the market, the 2017 Kia Nero. Starting at only $22k, there’s a ton to love about this recent addition to a crowded market.


First and foremost is the size and style; Kia has managed to create something that doesn’t really look like anything else on the market. Instead of accentuating the height and making it look like an off-road vehicle, it looks more like a tall wagon. There’s little tradeoff, however, as the way it’s designed the tall belt-line retains interior headroom and cargo room. The added benefit is that it doesn’t look like every other one on the road.

It also doesn’t look like it’s trying to be from another planet, a trap that many designers fall into for a hybrid vehicle. Just because the powertrain is futuristic  doesn’t mean the car needs to look like it’s from a bad sci-fi movie, or even from a good sci-fi movie. It’s okay for it to just look like a car! In this case it’s unique and tasteful without looking like it’s copying another body style. Kia has done a great job here, and it makes the Nero that much more appealing…


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