2017 Infiniti Q60: Empowering the Drive

What do people usually do at 9am on a Sunday morning? Some might play with their kids, grandkids, dogs or other “momentum makers,” but I was heading to O’Hare to jump on a morning flight to San Diego. 

Everything started as usual. Four-hour flight, then shuttle to a luxury hotel (Rancho Valencia), and a brand new 2017 Infiniti Q60 parked right by its entrance. 

With select media invited, the brand was presented by the president, Roland Krueger, accompanied by a lead engineer. The new Q60 is a well-deserved flagman of the brand focused on luxury and performance, and it delivers. Now, let’s talk about why. 


The new Q60 boasts modern and aggressive exterior. The 2017 model became wider and lower. The third generation of this coupe is also more ‘performance-oriented.’ Let’s take a guess which package was presented to the press? Of course, Red Sport 400 (spoiler alert: the number stands for the horsepower). 


This reminds one of the previous generations – maybe, partly because of the two touchscreens in the middle. However, rumor has it they might be changed soon. 

As far as the interior trim goes – it does justify every single dollar. Stitching on the shifter is reflected throughout the interior. White leather, red leather, carbon-like inserts – all of this gives you an opportunity to build your type of luxury. The sound isolation is great, so with a speed of even 60MPH you probably wouldn’t even hear the engine.


VR generation – 3 liters, 6 cylinders and twin-turbo. Everything is set up in the way that both of them work in the optimal RPM’s, so you cannot feel any ‘turbo lag’ whatsoever. If you’re planning to test drive the Red Sport 400 package, hold the brakes and put down the throttle. Pay attention to how the engine is passing the first gear – this is a real sports coupe and the engine is the heart of it. 


Or Dynamic Digital Suspension, to be exact. This is the balance you’re looking for in a driver’s car and, unfortunately, it cannot be found in every car out there. You feel the road, and at the same time it doesn’t ‘bother’ you. This is how balanced it is. And this is the way it should be in a sports coupe. 

You can get the new Q60 either in RWD or AWD. Of course, this choice would mainly depend on where the car would be primarily ‘residing.’ Driving in a sports coupe on California roads, I would definitely opt for a RWD. However, we all must remember our harsh Midwestern winters in order to make a well-thought decision. 

The new Q60 is a combination of the brand’s best heritage. With three available engines and a starting price at $39K, you have a chance to explain to your family that it’s not only a ‘beautiful car.’ There’s a heritage behind the brand – a heritage to produce not only beautiful, but also fast cars. And the 2017 Infiniti Q60 is the best proof of it. Check back for a full in-depth review soon – we’re looking forward to spend more time with it!



   By Dennis Bindarau