2017 Ford Raptor: Off-Road Prowess Without On-Road Headaches

Ever since Ford introduced the first Raptor in 2009, everyone thought that while it was really cool, it would never sell that well. I mean, who would want an F150 that was wider, taller, got worse fuel mileage and wore knobby off-road tires? Well, when you put it that way, a whole lot of people. And sales reflected it, with people snapping up as many as Ford would produce. With demand high, the company kept on refining the original concept, which included parts normally reserved for specialized racing trucks.
With the rollout in 2015 of the all-new aluminum-bodied Ford F-150, for the first time in six years there was no longer a Raptor available. Drawing rave reviews, the newest generation of F150 seemed like the perfect platform for a rebirth of the exciting Raptor – and now it’s finally here…

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