2017 Fiat 500X Pop: A Confusing Vehicle for Confusing Times

Every day something happens that has us scratching our heads. Turn on the news, and it feels like maybe you’ve entered the twilight zone. Then, along comes the Fiat 500X Pop. It really doesn’t fit into any category, it’s a crossover but also a compact car, city car and hatchback. It’s retro, but also modern. It’s spacious, but also tiny. It basically doesn’t make any sense. However, that’s really the draw in some ways. Starting at under $20k, there are very few crossovers that you can get for less money, so the quirky styling becomes a way to stand out from the crowd, even if you don’t have a ton of cash to your name.
Value is really the proposition here, you get a decent amount of car and space for the money. And judged on that metric, the Fiat delivers. There’s plenty of headroom, legroom and cargo space. There are plenty of pockets and charging ports. You won’t feel like you’re missing much from behind the wheel – well, that is short of horsepower and refinement. But that’s not what you’re buying here, you’re buying personality without the price tag…

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Special thanks to FCA Group for providing the 2017 Fiat 500X POP for review.