2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Tire Roasting Retro Fun

It’s hard to argue that we’re living in a bit of a golden age for cars, and one of the best trends is the retro-throwback muscle-car resurgence we’ve seen. There’s all manner of high-horsepower versions knocking around now from the big three manufacturers, and even the Germans and Japanese are getting in on it. With the recently introduced 840hp Dodge Demon, Fiat Chrysler is re-asserting their authority on the segment, and making this 707hp Hellcat seem tame by comparison. Well, I can assure you – it’s not tame.

From the time you press the start button with the red-key in your pocket, you know there’s something special under the hood. There’s just no denying, even at idle, that this is basically a racing engine for the street. When you get rolling, the supercharger whine further tells you there’s excitement right under your foot. We tested the Charger Hellcat last year, and this Challenger is much of the same, just with a shorter and more retro looking body…


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