2016 Toyota RAV4 SE: More than Just Bread and Butter

In 1996 Toyota introduced the first RAV4 to buyers in the US and it was a resounding success. Since then, it’s been a top seller for Toyota. The 2016 model is a mid-cycle refresh of the 4th generation of the RAV4 release in 2013 and it brings two new models to the table, the Hybrid and the SE. Forget the hybrid though, we are here to talk about the sporty RAV4 SE.

If you place a 2015 RAV4 next to a 2016 model you will immediately notice the exterior changes that were made. Every crease, edge and surface has been sharpened to give it a much more dynamic look. It has that look that makes a vehicle appear to be moving really fast or ready to pounce. The new LED headlights and taillights look sharp and add a more upscale look. The way Toyota breaks up the paint with the lower trim being silver and three-color options for the upper body really works well. Your color choices for the upper body are White, Black Pearl and Electric Blue. My personal favorite is the blue we had on hand as it really makes the RAV4 stand out in a land filled with silver, gray, white and black vehicles. Oh, and I should also mention the front and rear skid plates that have been added on the SE. These are plastic, more for the look than to truly protect the underbody; at least they really do look good.