2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited: Bah-humbug

2016 Subaru Legacy Limited | MSRP (base model): $29,945 | Price as tested: $33,830

Engine: 3.6L; 256 h.p.; 247 lb.-ft. | MPG: 20 city / 29 hwy

Features: Subaru Starlink, Heated Front and Back Seats, Heated Mirrors, Keyless, Power Moonroof, Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror,

Navigation, EyeSight Driver-Assist System, etc.

This is the 6th generation of the Legacy, a vehicle which first came out in 1989, and has always been Subaru’s model to attempt to capture a piece of the mid-priced sedan market that is dominated by the Accord and Camry. In doing so, that stray from their quirky selves and try to go mainstream always seem to come up a little short.
If you look at the other mid-sized sedans on the market and their aggressive styling, the exterior of the Legacy seems a bit bah-humbug. Subaru really needs to step out of its comfort zone and really do something special with its design. Just look at what Honda has done with its new Civic and Kia with the Optima. We know Subaru has some good design people, just look at the BRZ! Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad-looking car, it just doesn’t stand out in a crowd. Which for some, I guess, might not be a bad thing.
This version of the legacy has been on sale since the 2014 year model and may be in need of an update. In particular, the interior which seems a bit dated. It is a very clean and functional design, but appears about a generation or two behind the competition. The fit and finish is good and the leather seats were…
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