2016 Subaru Forester – The best and safest breadbox out there!

Subaru has been on a winning streak with sales increasing every year for the last few years. I wish they would spend some of that hard-earned money on creating a more attractive exterior design for the Forester. I am a Subaru fan and have had my own. I like many others purchased it for the great AWD all-weather practicality and for its stellar-safety reputation. The exterior design was low on the list of things I liked, but there were enough other great things to overcome that flaw. With the 2016 Forester that is still the case.
Once you get past the exterior you will find that the Forester has a very roomy interior, with more room than most compact utility vehicles. The interior is about what you would expect in this price range with all the latest connectivity features, heated leather seats and even a power lift gate, although this has to be the slowest opening power lift gate out there; we almost got frost bite waiting for it to open. The one thing I have always noticed in Forester’s and Impreza’s is the high level of interior noise you have. It seems like they could use some more sound-deadening, which I think would really help improve the sense of solidity of the vehicle.
On to the reason people buy the Subaru Forester, the driving experience and its Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system…
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