2016 Nissan Leaf SL: Entry level EV? out there!

One of the reasons that the Prius has been such a hit is that people immediately identify the shape and know it is a hybrid. Honda’s Civic hybrid has not had nearly the same success as it doesn’t look like anything other than a Civic, and it just doesn’t make a statement. Well, if you want to make a statement about how green you are and don’t have a suitcase full of money for a Tesla, then the Nissan Leaf is the car for you. No one will ever confuse the exterior design of the Leaf as anything other than a Leaf. If you ask your friends to name full electric cars, they know the Volt and the Leaf.
The main competitors for the Leaf would be the Kia Soul EV or the BMW i3. The Kia Soul has a 27 KW battery; we were able to go 105 miles with one last summer. The BMW is over $40K and seems too expensive to justify going that route.
The Leaf comes in three versions, the S, which is bare bones, no supercharger plug and about an 80-mile range. The SV comes with the 24 KW battery and the SL with the 30 KW battery. The Leaf is a bit overpriced before you take into consideration….
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