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2016 KIA Sedona Review – The Ultimate Utility Vehicle

Is there a vehicle out there in the market that has a bigger stigma than the minivan? Not that I can think of, and that is really too bad, as the minivan is truly the ultimate utility vehicle. The 2016 KIA Sedona in SX Limited guise is a perfect example of why that is.
Let’s start with the exterior, KIA has done a great job of “butching” up the look of the Sedona to make it look less like a minivan and more like an SUV, which is apparently what the masses want. It has the KIA family grill which works particularly well on the white Sedona we had. The Xenon HID Headlights and LED taillights work well and look sharp. In the Limited you get plenty of chrome accents throughout and 19-inch chrome wheels, which really fill in the wheel wells nicely and add a bit of luxury to the overall look.
Before we move to the interior, I have to talk about how easy it is to access it with the Sedona smart key. No need to wave your foot under the rear bumper to get the tailgate to automatically open, just walk up to it with the key in your pocket, wait for a couple of beeps and it will magically open. When you exit the Sedona and lock the vehicle, it will automatically fold the mirrors in, and as you walk back to it you will be greeted by the mirrors moving back into place. It also has dual rear-power sliding doors, which open to a massive interior space. This minivan is not so mini anymore!
Once inside you will find a nice and comfortable interior with seating for seven in the configuration we had, with the two captain chairs in the middle row. You will not hear any complaints about comfort with those seats…
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