2016 Honda HR-V: All about the MPG | Honda HR-V Review

2016 Honda HR-V: All about the MPG

The 2016 Honda HR-V has a bit of a case of the Jan Brady’s, it would appear. Only, instead of it being obsessed with Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, the HR-V is all about that fuel economy, fuel economy, fuel economy.
If someone were to ask what was the main reason to buy the new Honda HR-V, the answer is simple, Marsha… I mean, fuel economy. It seems as though Honda looked at the market for small crossovers and decided they didn’t want to be the most powerful, the most fun to drive, or the best off-roader, as the competition was already stiff in those categories. Instead, Honda decided to be the most fuel-efficient. And they succeeded greatly.
Our test car, the HR-V AWD EX is rated at 27 mpg city, 32 mpg highway, and 29 mpg combined. And we almost hit that target of 29 mpg even though we were driving with a bit of a heavy foot all week. If that isn’t impressive enough, don’t forget about those three little letters; AWD. Getting almost 30 mpg for an all-wheel drive car is extremely impressive. And if you drive carefully, or, at least more carefully than we did in regards to fuel economy, you should easily be able to eclipse the 30 mpg mark.
Lest you think fuel economy is all the Honda HR-V has to offer, let’s move on and talk about a few other positives the car has going for it.

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