2016 Cadillac CT6 2.0T: Reimagining American Luxury, Again

By Jason Saini

Cadillac has been on a roll, completely shedding its image as the company who makes giant boat­like luxury cruisers to the company responsible for one of the greatest modern hot­rods, the 2008­-2015 CTS-­V. The newer, sportier image promised more European sports sedan than American cruiser. And they delivered, in what is one of the most complete transformations a car company has undergone.

Now that they have made the shift, what are they doing to keep pushing the boundaries? For one, making better and better looking cars and interiors. This new CT6 is a breathtaking car, even in its more basic trim package as we tested. Starting at $53k, it’s a decent value as well, although you’re going to want to order some options. There are some great available features, including an impressive night­vision system and rear­view camera which replaces the rear­view mirror. In fact, the available safety features are all very impressive on this car. Pedestrian collision avoidance, rear-cross traffic alert, blind­spot monitor. The car even alerts you if you’re going to back into something by vibrating the driver’s seat. Even simple things like transmission­hold that keeps the car stopped until you hit the throttle, a feature long overdue in automatic transmission cars.

Overall, the impressive technology is enough to make you want to consider the CT6, but on top of that you get one of the most impressive interiors in its class. With a design language that echoes the angular exterior, the interior has a very coherent look.

Nothing looks out­of­place or added on. The chosen materials sing luxury, from the glossy carbon weaved insert on the dash, to the rich-looking wood, to the unique stitching on the extra­supportive seats. Even the stitching follows the same design style, further tying the whole package together. For those that think American cars are behind on interior quality, do yourself a favor and go check one of these out.

The center display has a huge 10.2” touchscreen LCD with Cadillac’s Cue infotainment system.

Loads of apps and a Wi-Fi hotspot make this one powerful vehicle, technologically speaking.

Additional 10” LCD rear­seat infotainment systems are available as well, spreading all these features to you rear-seat passengers. Speaking of those rear­seat passengers, they will have plenty of room. The overall length of the car translates into enough rear­seat legroom for all but the top 1% of NBA players.

What about engines? How does it drive? Well, our test car was equipped with the entry level 2.0­Turbo 4­-cylinder. Before you snicker too loudly, this 265hp powerplant did a fine job of motivating the 3700lb Caddy. And with 22­City, 31­Hwy, you’ll get impressive economy to match.

However, Cadillac knows that people don’t tend to buy a Cadillac only for the mileage ­ so they offer two other engines: A 3.6­Liter V6, and a 3.0­Liter Twin­Turbo V6 cranking out 404hp, you won’t be disappointed if you’re hungry for power. None of those sound like enough? Well, there’s an upcoming twin turbo 4.2 V8 as well, a version of which makes 650hp in the CTS-V!

There are a few complaints, such as a few too many controls. For example, there are three places to change the volume of the Bose Panaray audio system, ­ two of which being awkward touch­sliders. Keeping it simple would have been the answer here. And whoever thought of putting a release button on the glove box should have an intervention… we don’t need a more complicated way to open a glovebox. Beyond that, however, there are few complaints with this excellent new advancement of the American luxury car. Europeans, take note ­- Cadillac has your number!


Special thanks to 

the Cadillac Division of 

General Motors Company 

for providing this week’s car, 


the 2016 Cadillac CT6.