2015 Hyundai Genesis Review: Respect its Authority!

Look! Down on the road! It’s a BMW! It’s a Mercedes! No, it’s a Hyundai!
When looking at the second generation Hyundai Genesis you get a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster feel to it. Not because it is ugly or scary or anything like that, but because it appears to have been stitched together with elements from all of its competitors and other luxury brands.
The badge resembles that of Bentley or Aston Martin. The grille has a little bit of Aston Martin influence as well, mixed with some Audi. The profile has a lot of BMW and Mercedes’ influence.
Basically, everywhere you look screams something other than Hyundai. But somehow, Hyundai has made this work. The Genesis is its own car, as opposed to being akin to one of those shameless Chinese knockoffs. Not only is the Genesis its own car, but it is a very good car at that.
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