2015 Ford Edge: On the Edge of Changes

2015 Ford Edge Titanium 2.0L AWD MSRP: $37,595 | Price as tested: $43,190

Engine: 2.0L, EcoBoost; 245 h.p. | 275 lb.-ft. | MPG: 20 city | 28 hwy

Features: Blind spot monitor; Remote start; Auto-dimming mirrors; Heated steering wheel, front and back seats; Enhanced park assist, 180-degree front camera, etc.

Okay, let’s start with some bad news. The new Ford Edge has four packages, with MSRP varying from $28,700 to $42,000, so you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time to find out which one suits you better. If you do not have this time available – take the maximum one, Sport, and get a 2.7-liter engine featuring twin-turbo along with a brisk 335 horsepower under the hood. By the way, this is that rare case when the Sport package does NOT mean “the cheapest one,” but rather reflects the real character and performance of the car.

Besides Sport, there’s another package worth your attention, Titanium, which boasts a 2.0-liter engine and four-wheel drive. This particular one we took out for a test drive today.


Even if motor oil doesn’t run through your veins, you would immediately know that the 2015 Ford Edge Titanium stands closer to the luxury side of today’s bloated SUV market. If you take a closer look, you would also notice all the electronics that can be found in this car, so for those of you hunting for the modern tech perks, this could be paradise.

The interior features polished black plastic throughout, and this is that rare case when black plastic looks luxurious, NOT cheap. The seats and doors boast beautiful ginger leather, which adds a really appealing touch to the whole interior of the car.

I love the fact that the driver’s dash is very functional, and at the same time, really easy-to-understand. You have two huge displays with lots of settings’ variations, which you can set up completely on your own. In the middle there’s also a speedometer that we’re all used to, which grabs most of your attention when driving.

I also like the way all of the knobs and buttons are organized on the steering wheel and the center console. The only negative side I would mention is probably is that the touch screen is a bit slow, but according to Ford, any “delays” should be completely eliminated in the beginning of 2015, when they start using the SYNC 3 infotainment system.

Interior trim and comfort, trunk capacity of 39.2 cubic feet (73.4 with the rear seats folded down), the way four-wheel drive works, and the quality of the Sony stereo are some of the finer attributes of this car.

At first sight, you have two options available in terms of what’s moving this car forward: a 2.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine producing 245 horsepower and 3.5-liter V6 producing 280 horsepower. However, there is also a 2.7-liter engine featured in the above-mentioned Sport package, boasting twin-turbo, 315 horsepower and 350 ft-lbs.

I had a chance to drive the Sport package through the downtown area during one of the recent Ford media events and can state with full responsibility: if I was the owner of the 2015 Ford Edge Sport, I would also buy a Mustang logo and place it right next to the Edge one.

Overall, the decision on what engine to go for depends solely on you, your needs and of course your budget. No matter which one you choose, the car will be crawling out of the snow with just the same amount of fun and agility (check out our video for more details on this).
In addition to some cool and very useful features like heated front and back seats, as well as heated steering wheel, the car features a really huge panoramic sunroof, 360-degree rearview camera, active park assist and a couple of dozen more perks distinguishing the Edge in its class. Among all, I’d like to mention the 110V outlet,

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