O’Hare Introduces New “Innovation Lines” to Move Holiday Rush

O’Hare Introduces New “Innovation Lines” to Move Holiday Rush

New automated TSA checkpoint lanes called “Innovation Lines” were introduced Monday at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The new security checkpoints will help fasten up the security process during the holiday season that is coming up.

Under the new design, the airport will facilitate multiple conveyor belts functioning at the same time. So at a time, five passengers will be able to unload their belongings. The screening bins have also been modified. They are now 25 percent larger so as to facilitate more belongings being screened at a time. If any bag is flagged as a threat or suspicious, they get transferred to a separate checkpoint area without disrupting the flow on the belt. A separate belt altogether will be bringing in new bins continuously so that there will never be shortage of bins, hence holding up of lines.

“TSA is increasingly working with partners both foreign and domestic on innovative ways to find efficiencies in the system while maintaining our focus on security. These automated screening lanes represent a step in that direction. Thanks to this collaboration we will continue to make improvements to the aviation security screening process,” said Jill Vaughan, of the TSA.

O’Hare becomes the first airport in U.S. to introduce the new innovation lines. And they have arrived just in time to deal with the holiday rush.

“Earlier this year, wait times at TSA checkpoints escalated to an unacceptable 104 minutes,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. “Working together with our federal and airline partners, we resolved this crisis and today have average wait times that are among the shortest of major airports in the country. I want to commend TSA for their commitment to improving service and thank American Airlines for continuing that progress by making innovation lanes a priority at O’Hare.”

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