U First Capital announced more growth opportunities for IoT and AI

U First Capital announced more growth opportunities for IoT and AI

U First Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund, has announced new growth opportunities for companies working in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In a partnership with a Fortune 50 Company, DuPont Electronics & Imaging, U First Capital will explore current investment opportunities in this innovation-driven market. The exact amount to be invested in not disclosed yet.

According to Cathie Markham, global R&D director at DuPont Electronics & Imaging, connectivity, AI and IoT are transforming many industries, bringing with it increased needs for specialized materials.

“We are thrilled to work with DuPont Electronics & Imaging. They bring a customer-centric mindset with a deep focus on product excellence, and a strong technology base to add to,” said Ekta Dang, CEO of U First Capital.

This collaboration between the companies is a perfect example of “venture capital-as-a-service” strategy that U First Capital is focused on.

“Corporations are increasingly looking for growth areas from external innovation, and hence creating new venture capital funds. We are uniquely positioned in this market via our venture capital as a service model under which we create a dedicated investment fund for each corporation,” said Sanjit Dang, chairman of U First Capital.

Based in Santa Clara, California, this venture capital fund is bringing together a unique blend of major corporations, venture capitalists and investors, along with the network of startups and universities. U First Capital partners with both American and international corporations, including companies like DowDuPont, FedEx Institute of Technology, major global corporation Ricoh, headquartered in Japan, and others. Additionally, U First Capital holds monthly events and educational workshops bringing together the network of tech startups and investors, which are available for attendees both on-site and remotely via live video streaming. The details of the schedule can be found on the U First Capital official website and Facebook page.

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