Rahm Emanuel’s ThinkChicago’s Applications Open

Rahm Emanuel’s ThinkChicago’s Applications Open

Rahm Emanuel’s ThinkChicago’s Applications Open

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ThinkChicago is officially taking applications. This important idea weekend is part of Emanuel’s initiative to bring in young and excited minds to Chicago. The event takes place alongside Chicago Ideas Week, which is open to the public.   ThinkChicago, however, is an exclusive weekend for a select group of current students or recent graduates with an interest in bringing their talents to Chicago after they graduate college.

The event takes place twice a year, once during the same weekend as Lollapalooza and the second weekend in October during the same time frame as Chicago Idea Week. Emanuel announced this week that applications are now open through 11:59 p.m. on September 17 for students interested in coming to Chicago for the ThinkChicago weekend in October. Taking place from October 19-21, Emanuel, ChicagoNEXT, the University of Illinois System and Chicago Ideas Week will partner together to welcome 200 students from across the country to Chicago. Students selected will be able to learn from top tech companies right here in the city, meet with innovators and listen to business leaders speak as well as the opportunity to participate in Chicago Ideas Week.

ThinkChicago is looking for students of all types, but with a focus on students seeking employment in Chicago after graduation and a commitment to innovation and technology. The program has grown since its inception in 2011 when it only accepted 50 students for the immersive tech weekend now has grown to a total of 200 bright students. Over the last six years the ThinkChicago program has given over 1,200 students the chance to immerse themselves in Chicago’s tech scene.

“Attracting and cultivating the most diverse, innovative talent available is key to Chicago’s future as a global tech hub,” Mayor Emanuel said in a press release. “ThinkChicago brings together the best and brightest students who are looking to work at a Chicago-based company or build a startup of their own. Our goal is for them to see exactly why Chicago ranks high among millennials interested in tech.”

According to a press release, Chicago Ideas Week is a weeklong ideas festival with over 200 speakers across 150 programs. The festival draws in nearly 30,000 attendees and cultivates a center for expanding ideas and minds. Many companies that have formerly participated in the festival and partnered with ThinkChicago include Outcome Health, Discover, Google, Groupon, Jellyvision, LinkedIn, Orbitz, Threadless, Uptake and many more.

“Providing our graduates with exciting opportunities to live and work in Illinois is a key priority to help drive innovation and economic growth across the state,” [said] University of Illinois President Tim Killeen said in a press release. “This event is a showcase for what Chicago has to offer, and we are delighted to once again partner with Mayor Emanuel, World Business Chicago, and Chicago Ideas Week to highlight the city’s vibrant tech community and the many career opportunities that are available to our students and alumni.”

For students interested in applying you can visit: and acquire more information and application procedure. Again all applications are due by 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

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