New App ‘Taste’ Changing the Way Chicagoans Eat

New App ‘Taste’ Changing the Way Chicagoans Eat

New App ‘Taste’ Changing the Way Chicagoans Eat

Taste is changing the way you dine and rate restaurants. Instead of restaurant rating apps like, “Yelp” where anyone can rate restaurants and give 5-star ratings out like it’s nothing. Taste is changing the game, by allowing only locals to contribute votes and allowing users only one vote per category.

Not to be confused with Buzzfeed’s new app, “Tasty” where you can view Buzzfeed’s step-by-step cooking tutorials and videos, Taste is a whole new way to dine and rate restaurants.

Unlike other platforms where you can vote top scores on multiple restaurants in the same category, Taste only allows you to vote your “favorite” and by favorite they really mean only one restaurant of each category can be labeled your favorite.

“The difficult thing about favorites is you only get one,” it states in the app so it “starts you off easy” by choosing your favorite color and working your way up from there.

The other unique thing to the app is that you’re only allowed to select favorites in your local area. You can view favorites from other cities, but you’re only allowed to contribute votes for favorites in the city you designate as your “home city.”

Currently the app is still in development and exclusive to a few cities around the country. Categories currently are coffee, burgers, drinks, pizza, sushi, breakfast, dinner, dessert and lunch. This week’s launch is just the beginning so download and vote your favorites to build a stronger online community.

To download and register the app visit:

Currently only available on iTunes for iPhone only.