What the World was like the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

What the World was like the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

The city of Chicago was very vibrant when the Chicago Cubs clinched the World Series. People let off fireworks. People yelled in their neighborhood. People celebrated in the streets. But those streets looked a little bit different the last time the Cubs flew the ‘W’ over the city. 

With the longest drought in championship history of 108 years, the world and Chicago has changed quite drastically since 1908 – take a look.

Ford Model T Came off the Assembly Line

Just a few weeks before the Cubs won their last title, the first Model T came off the Ford Motor Co line – “Tin Lizzie,” the car that Ford made sold for $850. This made it affordable for Americans, which opened up a road to travel. This would have even given baseball fans a chance to watch their beloved Cubs play across the country.

The First Mother’s Day

You wouldn’t have to worry about buying your mom a present before the last Cub’s title. But on May 10, 1908, the first Mother’s Day was officially celebrated. Anna Jarvis thought of the day to honor her mother after she died in 1905. It became a national holiday in 1914.

Thomas Edison Was Still Alive

And still inventing stuff. The guy who created the light bulb was around to see the last win of the Cubs. Also, while still alive, he formed the motion picture patents company. Edison passed away in 1931 at age 84.

The Titanic Was Still a Drawing

In July of 1908, the design of the Titanic was approved by the executives at the White Star Line company. Its construction began in 1909. It crashed four years later in 1912, when it hit an iceberg.

Women Still Did Not Have the Right to Vote

With a woman nominated as the presidential nominee, this seems far off, but the last time the Cubs won, the women in the country could not have a say in the future president. Women did not win the right to vote until 1919, when the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote.

Arizona Was Not a State

This means that where the Cubs currently play spring training, in Mesa, Arizona, would not have been a possibility in 1908. Arizona did not become a state until 1912, four years after the Cubs won the World Series.

Cubs Tickets Only Cost a Quarter

To get into Wrigley Field, most fans paid around 25 cents, which nowadays would amount to $6. For the World Series, people paid thousands just to get into the stadium. Imagine today with ticket prices being quoted in the tens of thousands of dollars for this year’s World Series at Wrigley Field!

Wrigley Did Not Exist

The last time the Cubs won the title, the beloved Wrigley Field was not even built yet. The stadium itself was constructed in 1914, under the name Weeghman Park. William Wrigley Jr. acquired the park in 1921, but the name was dubbed Wrigley Field in 1927.

The Last Time the Cubs 

Won the Series

On Oct. 14, 1908, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series for the second year in a row. This was the last World Series title, until Wednesday, when the Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians.

Random Facts about the Cubs:

The Cubs have called six parks home, with Wrigley Field being the longest home from 1916 to today“Hey Hey” was the homerun call of Hall of Fame Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse, which is why the foul poles say “Hey Hey.”

The most people Wrigley Field has ever seen is 51,556 people in 1930

The least people Wrigley Field has seen was 314 people in 1943

Steve Goodman is the Chicago songwriter who sings “Go Cubs Go”

On Nov. 3, 1908 

William Howard Taft was elected

27th President over William Jennings Bryan. It was a Tuesday.

By Jessica Lynk