Roller Derby turns 82, Calls Chicago Home

Roller Derby turns 82, Calls Chicago Home

Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Photo credit: Steve Jerkovic

Roller Derby turns 82, Calls Chicago Home

Did you know the sport roller derby started in Chicago 82 years ago? In that time roller derby has become quite the popular event.

Roller Derby Week kicks off this Sunday in celebration of its 82nd birthday. In 1935 the sport got its start at 14th Place and Wabash Avenue at Chicago Coliseum, now Coliseum Park.


Local derby teams are choosing to celebrate the week with a blood drive and a classic derby match Aug. 19 at the Fleetwood Roller Rink, 7231 W. Archer Ave. in Summit.

The birth of roller derby is being celebrated with a birthday party at 12:30 p.m. Sunday in the park at 1466 S. Wabash Ave.

To find out more about the sport or to participate in any of their Roller Derby Week fun and activities visit them at their Facebook page:


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