Chicago Bears Prediction for 2017

Chicago Bears Prediction for 2017

Chicago Bears Prediction for 2017

The best thing about the Chicago Bears this year is it’s a new season!

And Chicago is not the same team that only won three games last year for a horrible 3 – 13 record. They were one of the most active NFL teams to make deals with free agents and the draft to fix their glaring problems last year at defensive back and quarterback.

The Bears have been hurting ever since they won their last Super Bowl in 1987 – the Super Bowl Shuffle, remember? Walter Payton (#34 Sweetness lives on forever), Mike Ditka (still making commercials and supporting Trump), Jim McMahon (star captain & now needing medical marijuana for excruciating head pain), etc., they’ve never been replaced! The last time the Bears were in the playoffs was 2006 – Ouch!

They released quarterback Jay Cutler, a controversial player with an explosive arm, but his erratic play hurt the Bears too much. Thank God he’s gone even though there were times he was fun to watch.

The Bears did the right thing and focused on the quarterback – signing up Mike Glennon and then drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick. To win in football you need a great captain. Let’s hope we’re on the right track.

They added to their offense with Jordan Morgan (offensive lineman) and Adam Shaheen (tight end). And picked up three free agents for defense.

The beginning of the season sets the tone, and last year they lost six of their first seven games – and it was over. While hopes are high this year, the Bears are looking at a very rough opening against top teams. Many are predicting the young Bears will have a solid rebuilding year with more wins than last year. But will they survive the opening round?

“Unfortunately for the Bears, their early season schedule looks pretty darn daunting,” according to “An opening day matchup against an angry NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons team is not a great way to start a season.”

So they first square up this Sunday against the Super Bowl team that lost in the last minute to the New England Patriots.

Then they have to play in hot temperatures in Tampa Bay the next week, followed by a match with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who according to, have one of the best offenses in the league. That game is followed with a Thursday night match-up against our rival Green Bay Packers, who have been giving the Bears big problems for quite some time.

In Week 5 the Bears play the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are always a strong team who give the Bears a tough fight every time. The next week they’ll face the Baltimore Ravens, trending towards a more dysfunctional team according to, but with a great coach in John Harbaugh (brother Jim was a Bears quarterback in the aftermath of our Super Bowl victory) and playing on the road, it won’t be easy. John and the Baltimore Ravens beat his brother Jim and the San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 Super Bowl.

So where will the Bears be? It’s another new and exciting season ahead of us. And who knows – the Bears may surprise people this season. But it’s a brutal early season, and one that could derail the team’s season before it’s even half over. Like the Cubs finally winning a World Series last year, let’s hope the Bears are headed for better times.

Happy football season everyone!