All you need to know about U.S. – North Korea conflict

All you need to know about U.S. – North Korea conflict

All you need to know about U.S. – North Korea conflict

There has been a long-standing tension between North Korea and the United States. With more and more new information coming up every single day, sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but worry not – here’s your cheat sheet based on a timeline of recent developments.

#1 After North Korea tested a nuclear device back in January 2016, Trump said China and South Korea should put pressure on Pyongyang.

#2 In March 2016, Trump indicated that as President he would support Japan developing its own nuclear weapons in response to the threat from North Korea.

#3 In May 2016, Trump finally stated that he would be willing to meet and negotiate with Kim.

#4 May 10th of this year, President Trump announced that he would be meeting with Kim Jong Un on June 12th in Singapore. Trump would be the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a leader of North Korea.

#5 Kim Jong Un threatened to pull out of the nuclear summit with the United States in June if the U.S. continues to demand “unilateral” nuclear disarmament.

#6 North Korea cited National Security Advisor John Bolton’s Libyan model as a reason for possibly withdrawing from the upcoming Summit. “We do not hide our feeling of repugnance towards him,” Vice-Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan wrote May 16th.

The Libyan model refers to the fate Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi suffered. He was captured and killed by rebel forces in 2011 during the Arab Uprising.

#7 The President contradicted this model and stated, “The Libyan model isn’t a model that we have at all when thinking of North Korea.”

#8 This Thursday, President Trump offered “protections” to Kim Jong Un if the dictator agrees to give up his nuclear weapons. During an Oval Office meeting with NATO’s Secretary General, the President stated, “He will get protections that are very strong. The best thing he could do is make a deal.”

#9 The President offered that if Kim Jong Un agrees to this deal, the United States would not seek to overthrow him, and promised the deal would include economic benefits for the country as well. “He’d be in his country and running his country. His country would be very rich,” Trump told reporters.

The president did warn that the Libyan Model may come into play if no deal can be reached and Kim may reach the same fate as Gaddafi.  President Trump stated, “Now that model would take place if we don’t make a deal, most likely. If we make a deal, I think Kim Jong Un is going to be very, very happy. I really believe he’s going to very happy.”

#10 According to the President, China may be to blame if North Korea opts out of the deal. “With deals, you have two parties that want to do it. He absolutely wanted to do it. Perhaps he doesn’t want to do it. Perhaps he spoke with China. That could be right,” Trump stated.

According to the White House, if the deal falls through nuclear-related sanctions would remain in full effect. Chicago News will continue to monitor the situation, check back for updates here at

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