Your Candidates’ Stance on Crime

Your Candidates’ Stance on Crime

Crime is a hot topic in this election, especially in the context of Chicago. Major party candidates have said multiple things about the streets of Chicago, so we decided to look into how the candidates feel about crime. 

Here is where all the presidential candidates — according to the Illinois ballot – fall on the issue of crime. 

Hillary Clinton | Democratic Party

Clinton’s platform is to strengthen the bonds between police and communities. In order to accomplish this, she wants to create national guidelines for police to follow, support programs that help curb implicit bias, and help make body cameras available to all departments. Her main point is that accountability is key when it comes to police and mass incarceration. She wants the communities to decide what police actions are supported or not. Clinton also wants to create research and data for the U.S. on how crime affects police strategies, in order to inform departments on how to fix their issues.

Gary Johnson | Libertarian Party

Johnson’s only stance on crime, according to his website, is that decriminalizing marijuana and stopping the “War on Drugs” will help bring incarceration rates down immensely. Johnson believes that the government should stay out of the daily lives of citizens, and with that he believes marijuana should be legalized, thus driving down crime rates. He also believes that the criminal justice reform should involve supporting law enforcement in their day-to-day operations.

Jill Stein | Green Party 

A part of Stein’s platform is to end police brutality and mass incarceration. The way she wants to do this to create a “truth and reconciliation commission” that would look at how race effects daily lives. They would also ensure communities control police rather than the other way around. She also wants to establish police review to look into all deaths that happen in police custody. Her last point regarding crime is to demilitarize police. She also supports legalizing marijuana.

Donald Trump | Republican Party

Most candidates’ websites have issues surrounding criminal justice reform, but Trump does not. Since I am only getting info off of their website, the closest thing I could find to crime was second amendment rights. He says he will not infringe on the Second Amendment, which gives people the right to bear arms. He wants to seriously enforce laws that are on the books and prosecute violent criminals. He also wants to empower law-abiding citizens with guns in order to defend themselves in the fight against crime. He believes that law enforcement cannot be everywhere and so citizens should step in where needed.

By Jessica Lynk

*All information for this article was gathered directly from the candidates’ websites. All candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.