Judge says Trump blocking critics on Twitter  violates the First Amendment

Judge says Trump blocking critics on Twitter violates the First Amendment

A judge ruled on Wednesday that President Trump blocking critics on Twitter for political speech is a violation of the First Amendment.

Last July, the Knight First Amendment Institution at Columbia University and seven individuals blocked by the President created a lawsuit against Trump. The individuals were blocked after posting criticisms of the President online. Jameel Jaffer, the Knight Institute’s executive director, said in a release “The president’s practice of blocking critics on Twitter is pernicious and unconstitutional, and we hope this ruling will bring it to an end”. 

Justice Department’s lawyers argued that Trump’s actions were no different than deciding in a room filled with people not to listen to some. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald saw things differently, stating, “The President presents the @realDonaldTrump account as being a presidential account as opposed to a personal account and, more importantly, uses the account to take actions that can be taken only by the President as President”.

The Judge ordered Trump to stop the practice of blocking critics from viewing his tweets, calling the practice unconstitutional. Instead, the judge suggested that Trump simply mute these people. This would prevent Trump from seeing their tweets, but they would still be able to read his.

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