Two Suburban Men Charged With Supporting ISIS

Two Suburban Men Charged With Supporting ISIS

35-year-old Joseph D. Jones and 35-year-old Edward Schimenti are charged with trying to attempt to provide support and resources to ISIS, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Illinois. The two men are both from Zion.

Authorities befriended the two posing as ISIS supporters. The two men reportedly gave cell phones to the undercover officers assume they would be used in an explosive attack. The men also drove an official to O’Hare on April 7th assuming that official would travel to fight with ISIS. Officials also say that Jones once posted a kind of how to guide on how to travel to the Middle East.

At one point, Jones and Schimenti shared photographs of themselves holding the Islamic State flag at the Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, according to the complaint. In a recorded conversation with the cooperating source, Schimenti commented that Schimenti would like to see the ISIS flag “on top of the White House,” the complaint states.

Over the next several months Jones and Schimenti met the undercover FBI employees and the cooperating source on numerous occasions, during which Jones and Schimenti discussed their devotion to ISIS and their commitment to Islamic State principles, the complaint states. Some of the meetings took place in Waukegan, Zion, Bridgeview, North Chicago, Highland Park and Chicago.

According to the U.S Attorney Office, the men are facing up to 20 years in prison.

By Michael Obrecki