Top 10 News Stories Nov.24 – 30

Top 10 News Stories Nov.24 – 30

Top 10 News Stories Nov.24 – 30

1.  North Korea Launches Another Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

North Korea tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile back in July and launched another one this week.  According to officials at the Pentagon, it flew for about 620 miles and fell into the Sea of Japan.  The missile traveled for about 50 minutes, but didn’t fly over Japan, Japanese government officials confirmed.

2.  Chicago Billionaire Rishi Shah Makes a Quick Exit After Served Court Papers

Proclaimed Chicago “self-made” billionaire Rishi Shah was seen fleeing the scene after a private investigator served him court papers this week.  Shah was the entrepreneur behind Chicago-based Company Outcome Health.  The health care tech company was once valued at $5.6 billion.

3. City of Chicago Looking for Funding to Operate O’Hare Express Services

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is making good on his promise to offer an express service from downtown to O’Hare in “20 minutes or less” this week.  Chicago Infrastructure Trust issued a request in hopes of finding a team interested in partnering with the city in order to make this dream come true.  No solid suitors have been chosen yet, but Emanuel insists the cost would be “less than” a cab or rideshare ride which can vary from $40 – 60 depending on the time of day.

4.  Chicago Sues Uber Over Data Breach

Uber has been accused of paying hackers to keep quiet after information of more than 57 million customers and drivers was compromised in 2014.  The City of Chicago filed a lawsuit this week against the rideshare company after it was revealed they paid hackers off with $100,000 to keep the incident quiet.  According to the lawsuit, the City of Chicago is requesting that the judge fine Uber $10,000 a day for each day it violated the state’s ordinance on public information disclosure.

5.  Viagra Now Available Over the Counter in UK

Good news for the UK! Viagra is now available over the counter for men.  According to data collected by the BBC, men will no longer need a prescription for the little blue pill.  Men suffering from impotence can obtain Viagra safely over the counter as long as they are over the age of 18.  The drug manufacturer Pfizer confirmed the medication will be available in UK pharmacies by spring 2018.

6.  Top Grammy Nominations Announced

This week the 60th Annual Grammy Awards announced the 2017 nominations.  If you haven’t had enough “Despacito” in your life get ready for a whole lot more as it was nominated for both song and record of the year.  Jay-Z received the most nominations with eight nods for his album “4:44.”  “Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino, “DAMN” by Kendrick Lamar, “Melodrama” by Lorde and “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars all received nominations for best album.

7.  NPR Chief News Editor Departs Amid Harassment Allegations

NPR chief news editor made an abrupt exit this week after allegations of harassment were reported by at least three female journalists.  Two of those that came forwarded asked to remain anonymous.  The third, NPR editor Lauren Hodges, claimed news editor David Sweeney had repeatedly gave her unwanted attention and made her feel “deeply uncomfortable” during the time he was her supervisor.

8.  Starbucks Releases Another Red Cup After “Gay Agenda” Accusations

We mentioned last week that Starbucks was under hot water again after their release of a new holiday cup with a “gay agenda.”  The coffee giant released a second holiday cup, this one an even brighter shade of red with a heart and hands shaping a heart over it.  No word on whether there’s controversy over this cup design yet.

9.  Prince Harry and American Actress to Wed in May

In royal news this week Prince Harry and his girlfriend American actress Meghan Markle announced their engagement.  Markle is American, a divorcee, bi-racial and an actress on the TV show Suits.  Their engagement has caused quite the conversation since marrying an American isn’t something often done. In fact, the last time it was done was when Edward VIII was forced to renounce the throne in order to marry his divorced American girlfriend.

10.  300 Chicago State University Students Without Heat or Hot Water in Dorms

Hundreds of college students at Chicago State University studying for finals were forced into hotels after their dorm rooms were without hot water or heating.  According to the university, they’re footing the hotel bills for the students while the school’s old pipes are fixed.  Campus police are only allowing students into the dorms to move out their property and take things over to the hotel.