Top 10 News 11/10

Top 10 News 11/10

Top 10 News 11/10

1. Non-Presidential Elections See Democratic Wins

This week’s recent elections proved a big win for the Democratic Party. In Virginia the first openly transgender state representative was voted into office. Another big win for Virginian Democrats was electing Democratic Governor nominee Ralph Northam to replace the Republican incumbent Ed Gillespie. Democrats praised the swing state’s votes as a step in the right direction.

2. Germany Officially Recognizes Third Gender

Germany’s highest court officially recognized a third gender making it the first country to do so. Judges made the ruling because they felt it wasn’t fair for people who were neither gender to have to leave official documents blank or fill in a box they didn’t identify with. Parliament has until December 31, 2018 to make a new regulation.

3. The DOJ Demands CNN Sale to Approve AT&T/Time Warner Deal

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has added a stipulation to the pending deal with AT&T and Time Warner. Sell CNN or no deal. The DOJ is threatening to deny the $85 billion merger if they refuse otherwise or they have to sell DirecTV. AT&T stated Wednesday that they have “no intention” on selling CNN despite the DOJ’s demand.

4. Trump Cracks Down on Business, Travel to Cuba

Trump called on crackdowns of business and travel to Cuba that go into effect this week. Trump has banned U.S. citizens from doing business with dozens of entities that would have any ties to Cuban military, intelligence or security agencies. The White House recently blamed Cuba for a series of unexplained attacks on U.S. diplomats.

5. Obama Reports for Jury Duty in Chicago

Obama did his civic duty and reported to the Daley Center for jury duty this past Wednesday. He showed up, signed autographs, but ultimately wasn’t called to serve. While most people dread going to jury duty, I’m sure the people that showed up that day experienced something they never had expected. Obama proves that no matter who you are, showing up for your civic duty is of the utmost importance.

6. Target to Close 2 Chicagoland Stores

While Targets in the city seem to spread like wildfire, two Chicago suburban Targets are closing its doors. Target announced this week that after the holiday shopping season they would close a dozen stores, including one in Matteson and another in Romeoville. The company reported they added 32 new stores in 2017 and created over 2,000 new jobs. A Target representative said the decision was not made lightly and underperforming stores may be closed or relocated depending on the need in the area.

7. Chance the Rapper Scolds Aldermen Over Spending Budget

The local city hero scolded Chicago Aldermen during a public participation session this week over criticism of a $95 million public-safety campus being built. According to the rapper and city activist, the $95 million could go to a lot better use such as investing in the youth of Chicago and public school system. Chance spoke his mind on the matter for the three minutes he was allotted, but in the end the council voted 48 – 1 in favor of building the new academy.

8. Trump Warns Kim Jong Un ‘Do Not Try Us’

While Trump is on his tour through Asia, he warned North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, “Do not try us.” The threat comes just south of Jong Un’s country where Trump spoke at South Korea’s National Assembly in Seoul. “The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger,” said Trump. These statements shouldn’t be made lightly and Trump seems to have no fear when it comes to basically calling out a dictator.

9. New Kevin Spacey Assault Allegations

More sexual assault allegations have emerged with actor Kevin Spacey this week. Former television news anchor Heather Unruh came forward with allegations that Spacey had assaulted her 18-year-old son last year. According to the allegations, Spacey gave Unruh’s son alcohol, got him drunk at a bar in Nantucket and grabbed his genitals. The son was an invited guest of Spacey’s, but once he went to the restroom her son fled the party. A criminal investigation into the incident is now underway.

10. City Officials Mark 157th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln

To celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 presidential nomination City Hall officials installed markers to commemorate the 157th anniversary near the intersection of Lake Street and Wacker Drive. The brass plaques were gifted to the 1900’s, but had remained inside City Hall until now. Completely refurbished, the two plaques mark a special day for Chicago and for our country’s history and can now be seen on opposite sides of Wacker Drive’s pedestrian median.