Study reveals  U.S. safest cities

Study reveals U.S. safest cities

The National Council for Home Safety and Security (NCHSS) has just released a study that reveals the safest cities in the United States. Completed primarily to highlight the cities that have had the least amount of violent and non-violent crimes per population, the study also points out the cities that are more likely to have crime per capita.

Illinois, for example, has some of the lowest rates of property and violent crime in the country, both more than 50% lower than the national average. However, as the data shows, there are often vast differences from one city (or state) to the next.

According to the report, the safest cities in Illinois are:

1. Warrenville

2. Deerfield

3. Campton Hills

4. Palos Hills

5. Buffalo Grove

These findings were achieved by examining data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting tool and combining it with the internal population research. Additionally, while the study is replete with cities and data, the NCHSS has discarded two segments from the study: cities with a population under 10,000, and cities that failed to submit complete crime reports to the FBI.

Many people choose their next destination based on cost, geography, city size, and other variables, yet they neglect to consider how safe that destination is — especially in relation to other nearby cities, the state itself, or the nation as a whole.

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