Pritzker becomes the richest politician in the country

Pritzker becomes the richest politician in the country

Winning the bid to be the next Illinois governor, longtime Democratic donor and fundraiser J.B. Pritzker has officially become the richest politician in the country with net worth of $3.2 billion, topping even President Trump, whose net worth is $3.1 billion. 

The margin in the race between Pritzker and his rival, Bruce Rauner, is also inherent.  J.B. Pritzker collected 2,382,536 votes, which gave him 54.2%, and Rauner gathered 1,723,015 votes, which accounted for 39.2% of the voters. With Illinois being mainly pro-democratic state, political analysts were projecting Pritzker to win, however, the race was still hot – first of all, in terms of money.

While not only becoming the richest politician in the country, Pritzker also led the numbers based on the campaign spend, attributing record $171.5 million of his own funds into the race.  According to Forbes estimations, this is the biggest “self-financed” amount ever spent on a political campaign in U.S. history.

One of the focal points of the debate between Pritzker and Rauner were taxes, with Pritzker reportedly promising to establish the so-called graduated tax rate, which would require the wealthy to pay more. However, this type of change would also make the whole state tax system to overhaul, so the future governor emphasized that specific rates would be a matter of negotiations with the legislators.