New Career Program from BP and the Mom Project 

New Career Program from BP and the Mom Project 

BP, an international oil and gas company, has just announced a new partnership with the Mom Project, a digital marketplace and community that connects “professionally accomplished women,” who may struggle to balance their personal lives with their professional careers, with companies across the country.

The new initiative, called the BP Returnship Program, was created by two BP employees, Brian Zellner and Christine Taktajian.

Five women have been selected from the Mom Project’s network as the initial group in BP’s Returnship Program. Each woman was paired with a “curated track” in areas ranging from sales and marketing to human resources. The women will work on “project-based assignments” that can last four to six months. Networking and mentorship opportunities will be offered to them, as well as a potential regular position at the company after working in the Returnship program.

“We are thrilled to partner with BP, a forward-looking company that is creating dynamic work relationships between employees and the company,” said the founder and CEO of The Mom Project, Allison Robinson.