First Amazon Go store opened in Chicago

First Amazon Go store opened in Chicago

In the past recent years, Amazon has begun to expand and create new methods of e-commerce. Amazon has now opened up their first AmazonGo store in Chicago on 113 S. Franklin St — a cashierless grocery store designed so customers do not have to wait in line in order to check out their items. This will be the first AmazonGo store outside of Seattle, WA. The concept of the AmazonGo store is to integrate machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, and AI into the very fabric of the store, to create a convenient shopping experience.

The “Just Walk Out” method uses technology to automatically detect when products are removed or returned from shelves, and automatically tracks products in a digital shopping cart. When the customer is done shopping they can simply leave the store. The products are automatically charged to your Amazon account with an included receipt. The AmazonGo store offers a line of grocery essentials, meal kits, and ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hot prepared foods and two-person meal kits are locally shipped and produced by chefs who work to ensure that customers receive expeditious fresh foods. The location of the AmazonGo store is perfect for busy professionals working in the Chicago downtown area who wouldn’t normally have the time for the bricks and mortars of a conventional grocery store.

AmazonGo store is smaller in size, compared to the size of a traditional market. The food options, however, remain largely different. You will not find the large supply of conventional chips or candies here; instead, the Go store provides jar salads, health-conscious sandwiches, and meal kits. “The food is not very expensive and they have a majority of healthy food, I feel as if I need to eat unhealthy when I want to save some money. Amazon did a great job!” said a local Chicago resident Susanna Loera.

Amazon has previously reported additional Go store to open in Chicago’s Willis Tower. The company has prospects of opening up stores in New York and San Francisco and is considering a plan to open as many as 3,000 new AmazonGo cashierless stores in the next few years, according to inside sources familiar with this matter.


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