FBI investigates corruption scheme by Harvey officials

FBI investigates corruption scheme by Harvey officials

According to FBI, after years-long investigation six defendants have been charged today as part of an ongoing federal anti-corruption effort. Two of those arrested are directly related to the city’s Mayor Eric Kellogg – his brother, Rommell, along with Corey Johnson, his cousin. Both of them have been accused of shaking down a local strip club owner and allegedly demanding several thousand in monthly hush payments for the city to allow prostitution activities allegedly taking place in the club.

The third defendant is a twice-convicted felon and a former mayor of a neighboring town, Dixmoore. He and another defendant, Will Wiley, worked as economic consultants for the City of Harvey. Both of them are charged with bribes in exchange for real estate deals.

Notably, over 35% of Harvey’s population lives beyond poverty line.

All six defendants have made it out on bonds and are awaiting trial, while the city’s mayor, Eric Kellogg, declined to comment on an “apparent investigation.”