Ex-CPD commander indicted for stealing $360k from social security

Ex-CPD commander indicted for stealing $360k from social security

Some days it seems like the Chicago Police subscribe to the adage ‘even bad publicity is good publicity,’ but for the embattled agency, the opposite is true. Despite a long career working to reduce violent crime in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods, Kenneth Johnson, 54, was indicted for allegedly engaging in a 23-year long scheme to steal benefits intended for his mother.

Johnson, who retired from a 32-year career in August, is scheduled to be arraigned later this month, and has been cooperating with authorities. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was notified of the charges Wednesday, and had the following to say in a statement:

“I am shocked and very disappointed by this news,” the superintendent said. “I knew Cmdr. Johnson well from his efforts to reduce violence in Englewood, but if proven, these allegations erode the public’s trust and tarnish his service to Chicago.”

The CPD also released a statement saying that they were not aware of these alleged offenses and did not have any open internal affairs investigations into retired Commander Johnson concerning the issue.

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